Capital Group
Tanya Yakovleva

Lena Lantseva
Creative Idea
Nastya Snyatkova
Ann Pronina

Nastya Snyatkova
Ann Pronina
№ 1. City of Sky, city of Earth
The creative concept is that to switch between earth and sky.

Inspiring minimalism and thrilling tale of the lives of the new people that respect themselves, other people and environment.
№ 2. Сomfortable place for new people
The website has an original module system based on main house module — Le Corbusier columns.
City of Sky, city of Earth

If you are looking for height — run upstairs and choose the best view of Moscow. You have wish to live near earth? Welcome to our lofts.

User gets to interactive map of house, that can travel in all directions. Switch moves the user to flying house. Red tooltips tells us interesting tips about house. We can move site's canvas in horizontal and vertical directions to study details.
New place for new people

The main page is a crossroad in users' journey. You could go different ways and see different frame sequence. The story goes by screens, you can notice the time line on the right side. The screen grid looks like support beams of the building.
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