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Motivation platform

Goal: create a platform for business to motivate their employees. Each brand could push their motivation program in one day.

After the success of the "Trade Challenge" platform, we decided to expand the platform for all users. Now you can cheer up your colleagues and employees without any difficulties.
How it works

Easy. The brand manager signs up on the platform, adds other users, creates a new task (or action), chooses a type, and presents. If the attendants complete the task, they gain points, which they could change for presents.

There are a few types of tasks. The first one is 'classic': a user should sell as many as possible. 'Cashback' is for scanning QR-codes on receipts. 'Photoshelves' help to track the display of goods. 'Price tracking' controls the prices of other brands. We also have quizzes that you could use for education or just fun.
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